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Green fraction I - hexanal ex orange 3,5%

Flavour Fraction ex Orange. 100% natural. Produced by physical processes, without using non-renewable petrolium-based solvents.

Organoleptic Characteristics

  • Citrus
  • Green

Olfactive Characteristics

  • Aldehydic



Parent Material:




  • Aldehyde C-6
  • Caproaldehyde
  • Caproic aldehyde
  • Hexaldehyde
  • Hexoic aldehyde
CAS Number: 66-25-1
Flash Point Celsius: 32
FDA: 172.515
EINECS: 200-624-5
Food Chemical Codex: X
FEMA: 2557
Harmonized System Class: 2912.19
Empirical Formula: C6 H12 O
CoE: 96
SLR Reference: M1
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