Anethole extra 21/22

A sweet taste and characteristic of anise-like odor . 

Olfactive Characteristics

  • Floral
  • Fruity



Parent Material:




  • Anise camphor
  • Isoestragole
  • p-Methoxy-beta-methylstyrene
  • p-Methoxy-alpha-phenylpropene
  • 1-Methoxy-4-propenylbenzene
  • p-Methoxypropenylbenzene
  • 4-Methoxy-1-propenylbenzene
  • Nauli
  • p-Propenylanisole
  • p-Propenylphenyl methyl ether
CAS Number: 4180-23-8
Flash Point Celsius: 90.6
FDA: 182.60
EINECS: 224-052-0
Food Chemical Codex: X
FEMA: 2086
Harmonized System Class: 2909.30
Empirical Formula: C10 H12 O
CoE: 183
SLR Reference: C23
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