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Kelkar & Co. Ltd., SH Products

Product NameMaterial NameSupplierFEMA#CAS#
AcetanisoleAcetanisoleKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2005100-06-1
Allyl phenoxyacetateAllyl phenoxyacetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH20387493-74-5
alpha-Amylcinnamaldehydealpha-AmylcinnamaldehydeKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2061122-40-7
alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde (natural)alpha-Amylcinnamaldehyde (natural)Kelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2061122-40-7
BenzophenoneBenzophenoneKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2134119-61-9
Benzyl alcoholBenzyl alcoholKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2137100-51-6
Benzyl benzoateBenzyl benzoateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2138120-51-4
Benzyl butyrateBenzyl butyrateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2140103-37-7
Benzyl isovalerateBenzyl isovalerateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2152103-38-8
Benzyl phenylacetateBenzyl phenylacetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2149102-16-9
Benzyl propionateBenzyl propionateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2150122-63-4
Benzyl salicylateBenzyl salicylateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2151118-58-1
Cinnamic aldehydeCinnamic aldehydeKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2286104-55-2
Cinnamyl acetateCinnamyl acetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2293103-54-8
Citronelloldl-CitronellolKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2309106-22-9
l-Citronellyl acetateCitronellyl acetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2311150-84-5
Citronellyl formateCitronellyl formateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2314105-85-1
Citronellyl phenylacetateCitronellyl phenylacetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2315139-70-8
p-Dimethoxybenzenep-DimethoxybenzeneKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2386150-78-7
Ethyl cinnamateEthyl cinnamateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2430103-36-6
Ethyl heptanoateEthyl heptanoateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2437106-30-9
Ethyl methylphenylglycidateEthyl methylphenylglycidateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH244477-83-8
Ethyl phenylacetateEthyl phenylacetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2452101-97-3
EucalyptolEucalyptolKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2465470-82-6
EugenolEugenolKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH246797-53-0
GeraniolGeraniolKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2507106-24-1
Geranyl acetateGeranyl acetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2509105-87-3
Geranyl butyrateGeranyl butyrateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2512106-29-6
Geranyl formateGeranyl formateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2514105-86-2
Hexyl acetateHexyl acetateKelkar & Co. Ltd., SH2565142-92-7