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Pfaltz & Bauer Inc. Products

Product NameMaterial NameSupplierFEMA#CAS#
AcetophenoneAcetophenonePfaltz & Bauer Inc.200998-86-2
AcetylpropionylAcetyl propionylPfaltz & Bauer Inc.2841600-14-6
2-Acetylpyridine2-AcetylpyridinePfaltz & Bauer Inc.32511122-62-9
Allyl disulfide nature identicalAllyl disulfide nature identicalPfaltz & Bauer Inc.20282179-57-9
Allyl heptanoateAllyl heptanoatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2031142-19-8
Allyl isothiocyanateAllyl isothiocyanatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.203457-06-7
AmbrettolideAmbrettolidePfaltz & Bauer Inc.25557779-50-2
Amyl butyrateAmyl butyratePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2059540-18-1
Amyl 2-furoateAmyl 2-furoatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.20721334-82-3
n-Amyl phenylacetaten-Amyl phenylacetatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.5137-52-0
n-Amyl propionaten-Amyl propionatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.624-54-4
Amyl salicylateAmyl salicylatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2050-08-0
Benzaldehyde dimethyl acetalBenzaldehyde dimethyl acetalPfaltz & Bauer Inc.21281125-88-8
Benzoic acidBenzoic acidPfaltz & Bauer Inc.213165-85-0
BenzophenoneBenzophenonePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2134119-61-9
BenzothiazoleBenzothiazolePfaltz & Bauer Inc.325695-16-9
Benzyl benzoateBenzyl benzoatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2138120-51-4
Benzyl isovalerateBenzyl isovaleratePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2152103-38-8
Benzyl mercaptanBenzyl mercaptanPfaltz & Bauer Inc.2147100-53-8
Bornyl acetateBornyl acetatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.215976-49-3
n-Butylaminen-ButylaminePfaltz & Bauer Inc.3130109-73-9
Butyl anthranilateButyl anthranilatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.21817756-96-9
Butylated hydroxytolueneButylated hydroxytoluenePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2184128-37-0
Butyl butyrateButyl butyratePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2186109-21-7
Butyl butyryllactateButyl butyryllactatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.21907492-70-8
Butyl cinnamateButyl cinnamatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2192538-65-8
4-tert-Butylcyclohexanol4-tert-ButylcyclohexanolPfaltz & Bauer Inc.98-52-2
Butyl isovalerateButyl isovaleratePfaltz & Bauer Inc.2218109-19-3
Butyl levulinateButyl levulinatePfaltz & Bauer Inc.22072052-15-5
Butyric acidButyric acidPfaltz & Bauer Inc.2221107-92-6